Pasture Raised Whole Organic Chicken – (6 birds/box)


The 6 pack of our BBR line-up

Think about what you love in 6 pack – convenience, perfect size (enough for one or shareable), low commitment (you can handle 6 of anything).

That’s what we were thinking when we put these 6 chickens in a box.

  • Convenience – one box is good for 6 dinners, that’s one month of chicken dinners – done 
  • Perfect size – 6 chickens will fit a paper grocery bag. Between your fridge (eat it tonight, why wait?) and freezer (anticipate a month of deliciousness), you easily store this box.
  • Low commitment –  It’s only 6 chickens – not a marriage. Load up your fridge with these birds and see what a month of the best chicken feels like.

Our chicken is the best you can buy. Get it, try it – and if you don’t like it for some reason?  Let me know – 100% money back guarantee. 

ps – more info in the description below

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What do you think a chicken’s perfect life is?

Living outside, on the grass with all of its flock, no walls holding them in? Free to soak in life from the sun and the grass? 

Yeah, us too.

Do you think any of that cheap, grocery-store chicken gets that life?

Nope - not even the free-range or organic ones. (sorry but it’s true - those terms don’t mean what you want them to mean)

We’ve spent the last 12+ years crafting a way of raising chickens that is darn close to perfect.

  • Pasture-raised - chickens are meant to be outside. They need sunlight, sunsets, shadows, wind, rain, and everything else about living naturally. 
    • Just think how much better you feel after a nice walk outside - same deal.
  • Organic - no antibiotics, no hormones, no pesticides, no herbicides - no nothing that comes from a bottle or a lab.
    • If you eat right, exercise well, and get some sun, then you don’t need “better living through chemistry,” right? - same deal
  • NO CORN. NO SOY - chickens should eat what is naturally available. In California, that shouldn’t be corn (too much summer water) and can’t be soy (too dry at harvest).
    • You know if you eat what is local and fresh, then it’s better on all levels - same deal.
Are you getting a sense of the perfect life we give our chickens yet?

Here is the amazing thing about regenerative farming….

The better you take care of your land and your animals, the better the end product is.

Our chicken is packed with all of the goodness that comes from living its best life.

  1. Made with 0 ingredients - simply, and only, the best chicken you can have
  2. High in Vitamin B6, B12, choline, zinc, iron, and copper - ya get the idea
  3. Low-carb to support a healthy body weight
  4. High protein (duh!) to help build muscle

On top of that natural goodness, we take the extra steps to get the best chicken onto your and your family's plate.

  • Convenient - shipped to your doorstep
  • Air chilled - think of this as dry aging for chicken (this makes a huge improvement in the flavor!)
  • Flash frozen - the quicker chicken is frozen the more flavor is captured
  • Individually packaged - just cook what you need.

What’s it like to have this chicken in your freezer?

Let’s think about it -

Do you have to go to the grocery store for “cheap as possible” chicken?
Nope - it's already in your freezer

Do you have to feel guilty in any way about your chicken?

Do you get to cook with an ingredient that chefs drool over?
You betcha

Do you need to worry about “wasting your money?”
No way - everyone leaves a winner here. If, for some reason, you don’t like our chicken - 100% money back guarantee

Are you going to blow your family's mind with how good your cooking is?
They won’t know what hit ‘em.

Are your friends going to ask “where did you find this chicken?!” at your next BBQ?
Only if you are willing to share…

Are you going to feel proud that your food dollars are saving the world?
Those dollars are, so you can and should

Are you going to be able to visit the ranch that grew your chicken?
Of course, just let us know when you’ll be here

Are you going to be able to say “my ranchers are awesome?”
Aw shucks, we do the best we can

Look - bottom line here (literally)
This chicken is awesome on every level. You cannot find a better-tasting chicken, grown in a way that is more climate-friendly, that ticks all of the boxes for you, than this chicken right here and now.

Swipe right on this chicken.

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