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The Lake

Sunflower Lake at Big Bluff Ranch

Sunflower Lake is the crown jewel of our ranch. Not only is it geographically in the center of the property, but it is also the center of many aspects of ranch life. It supplies water for our animals. It irrigates our pastures. It runs a hydro plant that powers the ranch headquarters. 

And most importantly, it is a big drink of beautiful blue water in the middle of an arid landscape. There is nothing like coming up to Sunflower Lake in the middle of summer to ease the heat.

Visit Big Bluff Ranch and see how we pasture raise our chickens and experience the wonders of this natural beauty for yourself.



We have a few kayaks and will get some paddle boards to share soon. Bring your own or borrow ours… you won’t regret it.



We provide boats and motors. Teach your little ones how to motor around the lake, head out with a rod, or simply go explore.



Often you’ll see fish right from the cabana. Grab a pole or two and see what you can get! More details below on the fish in our lake.


All children need to be water safe and wear life jackets, but the lake is perfect for a cool swim on a warm day.



Throw on some supplies and take a walk. We promise you’ll love what you discover. It may be a bald eagle, a wildflower or just breathtaking views. Whichever you see, it’ll refresh you.



We find nothing more relaxing than sitting and watching the view.

It’s better than TV, we promise.


Our Fish.

We have three self-sustaining populations of warm-water game fish in the lake: large-mouth bass, channel catfish, and red-ear sunfish. Our fishery is not trophy producing, but our fish are very active and healthy. You won’t go home skunked. If you want to teach a kid to fish, this is one of the best spots you can find for that. The summer evening hatch and a popper is a sure bet for lots of top water action.

Location: The ranch is 25 miles west of Red Bluff and our lake is located ½ mile behind a locked gate, so you are “locked” into the middle of nowhere. We like this isolation and you will too. The only folks you will see are those who came with you (if you don’t like them, that’s not our fault 😉 ) and a couple of ranchers.

Habitat: The lake has about 3 miles of shoreline and depths up to 50 feet, it offers a great variety of habitats for fish and considerable opportunities for anglers.

Sizes: The biggest large-mouth bass has been 12 ½ pounds, the biggest channel catfish 15 pounds, and the biggest red-ear sunfish 2 pounds. Fish of these sizes are only caught every few years, but several 8 pound bass are caught each season, 4 to 6 pound bass are landed several times a month, and 2 to 4 pounders are often caught several times a day.