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The Ranch

Close up of a hand reaching into a trough of chicken feed.

The Ranch

More than just a sustainable chicken farm

Big Bluff Ranch may be a small organic chicken farm compared to high-yield industrial operations, but we’re one of the largest producers of pasture-raised chicken on the west coast. 

We’re small because we are a true family-owned ranch, with each family member pitching in to help. We’re small in that we are personally involved in every aspect of production, from how we raise our pastured chickens to locally sourcing feed and processing with people we know who share the same values.

This personal involvement ensures that animal welfare, sustainability, and regenerative farming remain at the forefront of everything we do.

But Big Bluff Ranch is much more than that.

Big Bluff Ranch: a destination for eco-tourists and an advocate for environmental stewardship

The ranch is a beautiful 2,776 acres of rolling hills, grasslands, and oak woodlands that border the Mendocino National Forest and the Coast Range.

Because of this, we’re also a destination for ecotourism and partner with our community in the shared goal of a sustainable and healthy landscape. 

We work with the Wildlife Conservation Board, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and Northern California Regional Land Trust to implement the goals and objectives of the Red Bank Creek Riparian Restoration Project. Our partnership will help restore 3 miles of Red Bank Creek, a tributary to the Sacramento River.